How does wireless audio equipment work??

We are living in a computer world, which provides a good scope of learning. Wireless technology is associated with computer networks. It plays a major role in communication.

Let us know how it works :?

Usually when we refer to wireless audio equipment its nothing but the wireless speakers which we use in our day today life. These wireless speakers are simply the loudspeakers.

Wireless audio network receives audio signals using radio frequency waves. The two elements that support the radio frequency waves to the wireless loudspeakers are WiFi? and bluetooth.

Wireless speakers comprises of two units: The loudspeaker unit which comprises of an RF(Radio frequency) receiver and an RF transmitter. The transmitter is connected to the audio devices such as Mp3, televisions, computers,etc..The receiver is positioned towards the user. The receiver/speaker end holds an amplifier to boost the audio signals, which is powered by battery or an AC electric circuit.

The signal frequency of wireless speakers is 900 Mhz and the distance traveled varies from 150-300 feet.

Wireless audio network not only simplified the communication process but also led to various career opportunities in telecommunications starting from voice engineer( and if you are well versed with audio & visual you can start your career as a freelance audiovisual technicians ( as well.

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